English | One Year

One-year programme

In an increasingly globalised society, English studies will be useful in most contexts. A sound command of English will be attractive in the job market. In further studies you will be well equipped for English language curricula and studies abroad.

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    How to apply

    The one-year study in English is open for incoming students, taking 30 (one semester, autumn or spring) or 60 (two semesters) study points at HVL.

    Through the study programme you will get insight into language, literature, history and society in the English-speaking world, and improve your own language and text competence.

    The language of instruction is English. Teaching and learning activities include lectures, seminars, group work and individual work, online and on campus. All modules in the study require your active participation. Read more about teaching methods, compulsory work and assessment in the course plans.

    The one-year study in English can be a part of a bachelor programme and is a basis for further English studies. Read more about the alternatives in the study plan.

    Student exchange

    A study trip to The Norwegian Study Centre in York (NSC) is an optional part of the course.

    The one-year study in English is open for incoming exchange students.