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Industrial Instrumentation

Semester programme

Industrial Instrumentation is a interdisciplinary course combining electrical engineering and computer science.The course provides you with additional qualifications for project work and project administration.

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    Admission and how to apply

    Admission requirements

    You should have spent at least 1.5 years (90 ECTS credits) of a Bachelor study within engineering sciences, namely automation techniques, computer science or similar study direction prior to entering this course. Graduate students should contact the course coordinator prior to application.

    Please note that there will be no applications in 2022.

    Teaching semester: Autumn

    The course consists of two units

    Senior Design Project

    Groups of 2 or 3 will work on a project to solve a practical or theoretical engineering problem for the industry, or others. A typical project will include project planning, budget and cost analysis, literature studies and research, design and construction of prototype (where applicable), verification of results and documentation.

    Measurement Systems and Instrumentation

    Principles of measurements, different types of sensors, direct and indirect measurements, static and dynamic characteristics, measurement error, statistical analysis of errors, measurement systems, serial and parallell port, fieldbus and use of LabView in measurements.

    Teaching methods

    There will be lectures, tutorials and laboratory practice.