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Study plan - Physical Education, One Year Unit

Autumn 2017

Learning outcomes


The student

- has knowledge of the distinctiveness, development and legitimacy of the physical education subject.

- has academic and didactic knowledge.

- has knowledge of physical activity, body movement, physical education and sports from a public health perspective.

- has knowledge of training, training principles and training management suitable for different age groups, particularly for the purpose of developing physical and sports-related skills.



The student

- is able to plan, prepare, implement and critically assess teaching in physical education and lead other physical activity based on applicable framework conditions.

- is able to maintain safety in different activities and movement environments.

- is able to further develop their own and others' knowledge and skills.



General competence:

The student

- is able to understand, exercise and develop their own professionalism.

- is able to critically and analytically assess how physical education and other physical activity contributes to development and general education.

- is able to communicate with pupils, parents and colleagues about issues relating to physical education, sports and physical learning.


The year programme in Sports/Physical Education has been split into Physical Education 1, autumn - 30 study points and Physical Education 2, spring - 30 study points.