Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences

We have about 2,300 students and 140 employees located at our campuses in Bergen, Haugesund and Sogndal.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences offers a broad range of academic programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels. In addition, the continuing and further education is a key part of our study portfolio.

Our research activities take place in a regional, national and international research community. We work together to solve the challenges of society from a sustainable perspective.

The faculty is organized with three departments and one research centre.


bilde av Kari Håvåg Voldsund

Kari Håvåg Voldsund

Vice-Dean for Education

bilde av Ole Andreas Brekke

Ole Andreas Brekke

Vice-Dean for Research

bilde av Helene Maristuen

Helene Maristuen

Vice-Dean for Regional Development

bilde av Kristin Reiso Lawther

Kristin Reiso Lawther

Head of Faculty Administration

bilde av Tone Merete Brekke

Tone Merete Brekke

Vice-Dean for ​ Regional Development​

bilde av Kristin Lofthus Hope

Kristin Lofthus Hope

Assistant Head of Department