Roles and responsibilities

Clear official channels and definitions of roles are essential in order for HVL to succeed in its systematic quality assurance work. HVL has a number of functions that to varying degrees are responsible for the systematic work.

Culture of quality

Each year, the HVL arranges a conference where relevant topics related to the quality of education and learning environment are on the agenda.

The Pro-Rector of Education and Faculties facilitates dialogue on relevant issues related to quality. This may be arranged in the form of seminars, discussion forums or other meeting points. Meeting points should primarily be web-based and open to all interested parties. Student representatives are always invited.


The HVL Award for Quality of Education

This award acknowledges employees and academic environments that have shown particular excellence in educational instruction, and that contribute to the promotion the quality of teaching and evaluation methods. This is intended as inspiration for continued professional and academic efforts, engagement and use of innovative teaching methods and learning arenas.

Speak Up -"Sei ifrå"

HVL has a system whereby students and employees can report, either in name or anonymously, conditions that may impact the learning environment, educational instruction and the quality of education. These reports are sent to the relevant manager, and everyone who states their names will receive a response. The Speak Up system is supplementary to other established channels in the systematic work to improve the quality of education.

Other relevant functions

Board of Appeals for Student Affairs

HVL has a Board of Appeals that processes appeals on individual decisions, as well as other complaints by candidates following board decisions. cf. the University and University Colleges Act, Section 5-1 (1).

Suitability Assessment Board

The Suitability Assessment Board is a statutory body, cf. University and University Colleges Act, Section 4-10. The Board’s work is regulated by the “Regulations regarding suitability assessments in higher education”.

Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman at HVL is an independent resource whose task is to provide students with assistance and advice in matters relating to studies that students have reported or have considered reporting. The Student Ombudsman shall ensure that these issues are appropriately and responsibly processed, and that student rights are safeguarded.