Basic educational competence and educational portfolio

On this website, a detailed explanation of the terms educational competence and educational portfolio is provided. In what way are they important for lecturers in higher education when it comes to employment and promotion? What is relevant to include in an educational folder and how is it written?

Educational competence

Educational competence is the collective term the Ministry of Education has chosen to use when they talk about the competence we must have as teachers in higher education.

HVL has developed criteria for basic educational competence in respect of appointing and promoting associate professors and professors at HVL.

Educational portfolio

Educational portfolio is a collection of work a teacher collects during his og her working career. For many, it will be a collection of texts that is continuously updated in the same way as documentation of research activity. The folder must give a picture of the teacher's pedagogical and didactic experience and practice. This means that it also includes work with teaching technology.

Approval of educational competence

It is the committee or the person appointed by the faculty that is responsible for approving the educational portfolio in line with the requirements of the regulations. When the committee has approved a teacher's educational portfolio, it has also approved the teacher's educational competence.