The student pub

Student life in Bergen

In Bergen there is much to experience, regardless of whether you prefer culture or nature. During your stay with us we hope you will take part in a variety of activities, both on and off campus.

Kronverket - The student house

Kronverket is home to student organizations and the student pub – Kronbar. It has a concert scene that can house up to 300 people and it is all run by student volunteers. Activities varies from quiz to parties and concerts.

Bergen Teknikersamfund (BTS)

BTS is one of the oldest student organizations in Norway, founded in 1877. They can offer several activities for students within music, sports, theater, media and similar.

Sports Association (BTSI)

Campus Bergen has its own sports association with subgroups for outdoor and indoor football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, padel, squash, running and more. 

Study Bergen

Study Bergen is non-profit organization that caters to all students in Bergen. Like their Facebook page for more information on what’s going on in Bergen and join in on their events and trips. In their Student guide to Bergen, they have also complied a lot of useful information.

Sammen: The student welfare organization

The student welfare organisation Sammen caters to your various needs as students. Sammen’s welfare services include housing, sport facilities, health refunds, psychologists, social counsellors, and kindergartens. You can also rent a cottage in the mountains, owned by Sammen. As an international student at HVL, you are automatically a member of Sammen. The membership includes benefits such as social counselling and refund of self-cost for medical consultations.

Events and student organizations

Getting involved in student life outside of lectures and reading rooms is a great way to make the most of your stay in Bergen. You’ll find a comprehensive overview of student organizations, in addition to events and student discounts on Student Bergen.


Bergen is an international city, and there are job opportunities in the city and the region even if you do not speak Norwegian. If you would like to find out more about working part-time as a student in Bergen, career opportunities after you have finished your degree or find current job listings, a good place to start is Study Bergen’s job seeking advice.


Bergen is surrounded by mountains and fjords and many students take advantage of the possibilities offered for hiking and overnight trips in the area. You can walk the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen together with thousands of locals in the annual 7 mountain hike - or you can do it on your own. You can take an organized fjord tour or you can hop on a ferry. Whatever you choose, please make sure you are properly prepared to tackle the Norwegian outdoors: The mountain code.