Campus Førde

At Førde campus you will find what you need to be a good student and there are short distances to most things.

Access to campus

The main entrance is open at 08:00-17:00.

All other doors you need an access card to open. Students can use admission cards on campus during these time periods:

Monday – Friday at 07:00–23:00
Saturday – Sunday at 08:00-18:00

Computer and internet access

Førde campus has a student computer network and a wireless network. To use the computers, you will need a user name and password. IT-consultants will provide you with this when you register as a student.

You have

  • access to the student PCs at campus and access to both the WIFI and local network with a laptop and printers
  • a personal directory for storing files
  • an e-mail account
  • Fronter account (The Learning Management System used at Førde campus)


The library is a learning centre where students, academic staff and other users can find information and gather inspiration for the development of their academic knowledge and for their personal growth. The library offers a wide range of printed and electronic material: books, periodicals, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, articles in full-text and other electronic resources. In the library, you will also find reader seats and computers available for everyone with a valid student card.

Cafeteria and student bar

The cafeteria on campus offers a variety of fresh food (hot and cold meals), cakes, fruits, candy, coffee and cold drinks. See the opening hours here.

When you want to take a break from your studies, it is a short way to the basement, where you will find the student bar "Akutten". The sand volleyball court and the barbecue area on campus are also used a lot, and are a nice relaxation from the books.

Campus Førde is non-smoking. In the outdoor area there are designated smoking areas.

Academic guidance

Each course has one course coordinator who is responsible for planning and coordinating the content of the course. Do not hesitate to contact your course coordinator if you have any questions regarding your study programme.

Academic Advisers for each study program are available to discuss concerns, answer questions and give advice about different aspects of studying at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The student adviser can also answer questions in relation to exams, give non-academic guidance if needed, give information on support services available or help with specific recognitions and diploma.

Servicetorget i Førde

Open weekdays at 08: 00–15: 30 (until 15:00 in the period 15 May – 15 September).

Room map Førde