Student organisations in Førde

Akutten Student Pub

Akutten is the student pub in Førde and student volunteers are working there. It is open on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Akutten is a place where students work to create a good meeting place for the students in Førde. You can go there and take a coffee and talk about the day, or enjoy yourself with your friends after a hard week. In Akutten we have game nights, music with "troubadours", concerts, theme parties and café.

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Superveka is s music festival arranged by student volunteers each autumn semester.

Student Associations


Hippocampus Forde is the student association for health science students. Hippocampus focus to create a good psychosocial environment between the different cohorts who study to become a nurse and to provide a professional supplement if desired.

The offer is free and for all nurse students. 

NSF Student

NSF Student is a national student organisations for nursing students, and NSF Sogn og Fjordane represents all students of nursing at Førde. As a member, you are entitled to attend exciting academic events, and get in touch with nursing students across the country.


LIF is the Student Association for students attending engineering in Førde. They focus on social and academic events with the purpose of improving relations between students across the classes.

The NITO-students

The NITO-students is a national Student Organisation for students of engineering, with a local branch in Førde. They arrange social and academic events, such as business presentations, job search training, math courses, and go-cart driving. Membership costs 300 NOK for the entire period of study, and provides with many benefits.