Accommodation, health and welfare

Student housing

Exchange students

As a full time exchange student, you may get accommodation guarantee through the student welfare organization Sammen if you apply within the deadline and sign a contract starting from the beginning of the semester. If your courses start in the middle of the semester, and you do not want to sign a contract starting from the beginning of the semester, you can still apply for accommodation through Sammen, but without the guarantee.

Be aware that you have to pay rent for the entire semester. You may only terminate the lease after 3 months and with 3 months’ notice starting from the first day in the following month.

Application deadlines for accommodation with housing guarantee:

  • 15th of May
  • 1st of November

Information about housing guarantee from Sammen

Do not apply until you have received information from HVL regarding the application process. You will receive this via email before the application deadline. It is important that you apply to the correct “queue” to get the housing guarantee. The email from HVL will specify this so we can be sure that you apply for the correct type of housing near the correct campus.

Information about the different accommodation options

Full degree students

Application deadlines for accommodation without housing guarantee: 15th of April

Information about housing from Sammen

Information about the different accommodation options

Student Welfare organisation

As a student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, you will automatically become a member of our Student Welfare Organisation. They offer services to make your life as a student as smooth as possible, so you can focus on your studies.

In order to do this, it offers several services at Campus Sogndal including student accommodation, kindergarten, a student café and counselling services. In addition, the Welfare Organisation provides financial support for student organisations, engages in preventive health care, and provides financial support to students with major health expenses. 

Student advisor

The Student Welfare Organisation has s student counselor and a student priest. They are happy to help you with both small and bigger issues in your everyday life as a student, and are available if you need someone to talk to about issues such as exam anxiety, stress, homesickness, loneliness or lack of motivation.

The counselling is confidential and free of charge.

Health Clinic for students

The Student Welfare Organisation and Sogndal Municipality runs a free health clinic for students.

The medical staff will assist you with questions regarding contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, abortion, and sexuality and sexual relationships only. All counselling, prescription of contraceptives and testing is confidential and free of charge.

Facilities and services for special needs students

Our overarching goal is to facilitate the study and student life in such a manner so that as many as possible can benefit from our courses, regardless of any physical or psychological disabilities. Please contact the Student Information Counter as early as possible to enquire about facilitating support for your needs.

Campus Sogndal is accessible for wheelchair users and has ample parking for students with special needs. All of the buildings are modern and well equipped with features such as automatic doors and elevators.