Student organisations in Sogndal

There are several student organisations in Sogndal to you to join!


In Lurkarlaget, outdoor activities and social interaction are in focus. Her you can join mountain hikes on foot or with skis, rafting, climbing, fishing, surfing and so on.

Lurkarlaget aims to organise trips so that as many as possible can participate, both in terms of level, price and equipment. We wish all students welcome to become a Lurkis! You are guaranteed a lot of pleasure, new friends, great photos for your photo album, and memories for life!

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The University Sports association, Studentspretten, offers sport activities for members like football, handball, indoor hockey and volleyball.

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Are you a diver or a kayak paddler? Or would you like to become one? Sjøspretten is a student organization offering scuba diving and sea kayaking. They arrange courses and tours, and have all the equipment that you need to enjoy the fjord.

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Meieriet – the student house

Meieriet is the student house in Sogndal. It is run as a volunteer organisation, and that is probably the key to their success, as it is renowned as one of the best concert venues in Norway.

Sogndal Student Association (Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal) is based at Meieriet. The student association is divided into over 20 subgroups, ranging from bands, dance groups, choir, DJs, PR, booking, bartending etc.

All students in Sogndal are free to join one or more of the many subgroups at Meieriet. You do not need any experience at all to join. By joining one of the groups, you will have a great chance to integrate with Norwegian students. You will get experiences and learn new things that you did not think you would ever learn. We recommend all international students to join one or more groups at Meieriet during your stay.

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Student Associations

Most of our study programs have their own student associations. The students run these, and they arrange both academic and social events.


Yggrdasil is a Student Association for renewable energy, geology and geo hazards, landscape planning, and science education student. They arrange academic evenings with guest lecturers, presentation of research and meetings with relevant businesses. They also invite to parties, such as kick-off party and Christmas party.


ØKS is a Student Association for students studying Business Administration, Economics and Tourist Management. They arrange academic evenings with business presentations and guest lecturers, as well as social events. 

The FO-students

The FO-students is a national student organisation for students of child welfare, social work, and social education studies with a local branch at Campus Sogndal. They arrange themed evenings, and rally different issues that are relevant to the students.

The Pedagogic Students

The Pedagogic students is a national Student Organisation for students studying pre-school and teacher education with a local branch at Campus Sogndal.