Explanation and inspiration

In these videos you will find explanations of certain moves and tools for science talks with children, examples of how you can discover science topics everywhere, and talks with children for analysis and inspiration.

Science everywhere

In these videos you will find examples of many differents situations and locations where you can explore science topics. Try this: stop the film at any time, and write down or talk to your partner about what kind of science topics you can find at that specific time and place.

Science in the woods

A video showing some examples of scientific topics that may be explored by children when you go for a walk in the woods.

Science by the shore

Some examples of scientific topics near the water, that can be explored by children

Science in indoor and urban areas

A video showing some examples of possible scientific topics that can be explored by children, if you are located in urban areas or are indoor.



In these videos you will find explanations about certain topics or dialogic moves. Watch them and make a note of something you had not thought about before.

Science talk explained

In this video math and science pedagogue Oda Bjerknes explains how she had a productive talk with children about a "broken" earth worm, in a way that led the children to explore and think further about a natural science topic they were interested in. (The same film is also published as a mini lecture).

Exploring natural material

A video explaining how you can explore natural material without using the verbal language.

Waiting long enough for a response

In this video Inga Margrethe Fagerbakke explains why it is important to wait for the child to answer, and how you can practice it.


Talks with children

In these films one of our researchers and her grandchild talk about different questions. Watch them and notice what kind of strategies the child uses in her exploration.

Does the snail have legs?

A video where you can study how a child is thinking through whether the snail has legs. Notice how important it is to wait for the child's responses and pay attention to her body language.

How a guitar makes sound

A child and an adult explore how they can get the guitar to make a sound.

How flowers live and grow

A dialogue between a girl and an adult where the topic is how flowers can grow.