Associate Professor

Alexander Selvikvåg Lundervold

Field of work

How do you go from machine learning methods to machine learning solutions? What's the role of artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare, now and in the future?

Most of my research, teaching, and supervision activities are within machine learning engineering and Medical AI (the development, application, and evaluation of machine learning in medicine). I'm leading the Machine Learning Engineering Group at HVL and co-coordinating the research activities in Medical AI at the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Center, Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, where I'm also part of the center leadership team.

A more detailed deion of my research and links to my publications can be found on my homepage:

Courses taught
  • DAT158: Machine learning engineering
  • DAT255: Deep learning engineering
  • DAT801: Machine learning for business development
  • ELMED219: Artificial intelligence and computational medicine
  • HVL-DLN-AI: A hands-on course on artificial intelligence in computational biotechnology and medicine
  • PCS956: Recent trends in applied machine learning
Research areas
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Medical AI
  • Data analysis
  • Computational medicine
Research groups