Assistant Head of Department

Anders Daniel Faksvåg Haugen

Field of work

Assistant Head of Department responsible for Teacher Education and Training 1-7 and Campus Stord at the Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpreting.

PhD student affiliated to the research program "Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practices". In my PhD project I study education as a facilitator for nation-building and democratic formation in East Africa, and Tanzania in particular.

Social science lecturer. Teaches Civics and Geography at the institution's Teacher Education Programs, and part of the instiution's Vestlandsklasse on education and sustainability.

Courses taught
  • Social Science
  • Civics
  • Global Studies
  • Human Geography
Research areas
  • Tanzania
  • Citizen formation
  • Democracy
  • Nation building
  • Development education
Research groups

Selected publications

  • Education for Development: The Tanzanian Experience