Associate Professor

Ane Bergersen

Field of work

Started at Høgskulen i Sogn og Fjordane / Sogn og Fjordane University College in 1993 as an Assistant Professor in Sociology. Main topic has all years been social inequality, gender, diversity, global understanding, socialisation, power-relations and social sciences for preschool teachers and teachers. Teaching practice in the following subjects: Social Science/ICT/ Diversity/ Organisation Theories & Leadership for preschool teacher students, Social Science/ Gender and Leadership/ ICT/ Intercultural competence and diversity/ Didactics/Education and Sustainability for Teacher students. Global Knowledge for social worker -, teacher, preschool teacher-, nurse- and health/sports-students. Several publications describe some of the experiences and learning outcome both students’ groups have achieved (Bergersen, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, Bergersen & Muleya, 2019) and more are forthcoming in Klein, Larsen & Bergersen (2022). In-service programmes like Adult Education and Diversity, Women and Leadership, Intercultural facilitation in international projects etc. Developed and coordinated most of these subjects.

Since 2015 worked as an associate Professor in Sociology based on three main competences: gender & Leadership, Intercultural competence, and contextual learning. Coordinating student mobility between Zambia (93 students) and Norway (211 students), been international coordinator in ten years at faculty level and initiated a lot of projects and agreements. International projects and advisor in Namibia in 2005 - 2007, in Zambia since 2002 - 2021 and ongoing projects in cooperation with Teacher Education and University in Zambia. Leader for a research group (FLEKS) and have presented and published at international and national level for several years. See details below.

Courses taught

  • Global Knowledge
  • Education and Sustainability
  • Leadership and Diversity in Preschools
  • Social Sciences in Teacher Education

Research areas

  • Intercultural competence in kindergartens and schools
  • International studentmobility and learning outcome
  • Norwegian students' transformative learning from a three month stay in Zambia
  • Education and sustainability
  • Whiteness theory and studentmobility
  • Cultural-sensitive teaching
  • Intercultural competence and bildung
  • Pedagogical leadership
  • Ethical dilemma and Scial Science Didactics 

Research groups


  • Campus Sogndal og lærerutdanning med fortsatt vektlegging av en kultur preget av ja, samarbeid og innovasjon.

    Bergersen, Ane (2021)
  • Korleis kan global studentmobilitet fremme demokrati og fred? Speedforskning på Forskningsdagene 2021

    Bergersen, Ane (2021)
  • International collaboration Norway - Zambia through student mobility and research for two decades, can COIL be the next step?

    Bergersen, Ane, Kaumba, Samwangala, Mumba, Fidelis (2021)
  • "Vi blander alt sammen" - Barnehagelærerstudenters forståelse av begrepet pedagogisk ledelse.

    Bergersen, Ane, Nornes-Nymark, Merete, Fimreite, Hege (2021)
  • Education and Sustainability. Teacher students’ understanding of sustainable development after 3 months in Africa 

    Bergersen, Ane, Vågenes, Vibeke (2021)
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