Field of work

Dorota Lembrér is a doctoral student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen. She has a background as a preschool teacher and lecturer at Malmö University in Sweden. Her main research interests are early childhood mathematics education and aspects of mathematics activities in preschool at home environments.

Presently she is working on her PhD project about parents’ views on children’s mathematics activities at home and institutions for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in both Sweden and Norway. The aim of the project is to understand some of the complexity connected to how to identify parents’ views and what influences them.

Research areas

  • Early chilhood mathematics education

Research groups


  • Sociocultural influences on parents’ views about mathematics education for young children

    Lembrér, Dorota (2021)
  • Parents’ Valuing of Mathematics for Young Children

    Lembrér, Dorota (2020)
  • Power negotiations in parents' and teachers' interactions about mathematics education for young children

    Lembrér, Dorota (2020)
  • Mathematics at home: Parents’ views on children’s mathematics learning and development

    Lembrér, Dorota (2019)
  • Parents’ views on children’s play and mathematical learning opportunities in homes

    Lembrér, Dorota (2019)
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