Field of work

I have a master's degree in electrical engineering from the USA, and also the Norwegian "Sivilingeniør" degree. I mainly teach linear systems and control systems for electrical engineering students, and in addition economics to all the students at the faculty. My research interests are in flipped learning and development of various learning resources, to get student-active forms of learning.

Courses taught

Electrical circuits
Control systems
Business economics
Project management
Measurement systems

Research areas

Flipped classroom
Digital learning resources



  • Video and video tools

    Kyte, Lars, Sande, Joar (2024)
  • Videos in higher education. Why should we make videos, how to make them and how to use them

    Kyte, Lars, Sande, Joar (2024)
  • Dalsfjorden rundt- frå Fleten til Laukeland.

  • Peter Andreas Blix

  • Vegen til Førde

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