Division Manager

Robert Isaksen

Field of work

As the Division Manager I am responsible for ensuring that the division has good collaborations with the faculties, senior management, and with the other divisions to further develop the teaching and learning at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Courses taught

When there is time:

  • Philosophy of science
  • Epistemology
  • Research methodology
  • Educational development
Research areas

When there is time:

  • Philosophy of science and epistemology
  • How to teach in the sciences and in philosophy of science
  • How students can use generative AI to improve their learning
  • Minority students experiences with higher education
  • Educational development


  • Critical realism as a fractal philosophy

    Isaksen, Karl Robert (2024)
  • Teaching and Learning Abstract Ideas via the Abstraction Ladder - A Phenomenological Invitation

    Isaksen, Karl Robert (2024)
  • Modern Nordic Students Embarking on Higher Education: Who Are They, What Are Their Challenges, and What Support Do They Need?

    Heiberg, Ingrid Gilje, Colclough, Simon Norheim, Isaksen, Karl Robert (2024)
  • Studentane si læring er mindre viktig

    Isaksen, Karl Robert, Papas, Alexander (2024)
  • Exploring the curricular and pedagogical decision criteria for research-based learning design in undergraduate studies

    Pourhejazy, Pourya, Isaksen, Karl Robert (2024)
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