Assistant Professor

Kjell Einar Barsnes

Field of work

I have been employed at HVL since June 2019. My PhD project is a part of the larger project "Challenges of Participation" (CHAPAR). The PhD project addresses the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Services' (NAV) users and employees. Actors in user and employee roles describe and reflect on how matters and materials may be associated with service user participation and social relations. 

The project's title is "Sociomaterial Conditions for Service Delivery and Participation in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Services". 

I studied social anthropology at NTNU and the University of Oslo. I have lectured full-time at HVL from September 21, 2023. 

Courses taught

Social work as a subject and profession
Basic knowledge of social work
Social work practice in the welfare services
Social work practice 3rd study year
Bachelor's thesis


Research areas

Sociomateriality is a concept that may cover ambiguous interfaces between humans and artefacts in space and place. Public services for citizens with substance use challenges are described in this study. Service users and NAV employees were interviewed. The study aims to analyse participation and social relations with these starting points.


Research questions:

How do the sociomaterial conditions of NAV affect service user participation experienced by people with substance use challenges?

How do the sociomaterial conditions of NAV affect social relations between employees and service users as experienced by both actors?

Research groups