Associate Professor

Kristine Flacké Haualand

Field of work

I am a meteorologist with a background in geophysics, mathematics and physics.

Currently, I am enrolled in the JOSTICE project, where I am studying how the evolution of the Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap influences the future regional climate. I use the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and downscale it to regional scale for climate and glacier outlines for the future and the past. To validate the simulations, I compare results for current time with local weather data such as data from our weather station on the outlet glacier Nigardsbreen.

In the past, I studied the development of midlatitude cyclones focusing on how the intensity and structure of cyclones are influenced by diabatic effects such as cloud formation and surface heat fluxes from the ocean.

Courses taught

GE483 Climate Change

MGBNA201 Naturfag 1, emne 2 - Den ikkje-levande naturen 1

MGUNA201 Naturfag 1, emne 2 - Den ikkje-levande naturen 1

Research areas

Glacier-atmosphere interactions

Dynamic meteorology

Midlatitude cyclone development

Research groups


Selected publications