PhD Candidate

Lamin Andre Kvaale-Conateh

Lamin Andre Kvaale-Conateh
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Field of work

Doctoral fellow in the PhD program Studies of Bildung and Pedagogical Practice. Currently working on a dissertation on equity in Norwegian primary and secondary education.

The study is part of the EU-funded research project PIONEERED, which explores practices that aims to counteract social inequality within European education.

Research areas
  • Equity in primary and secondary education
  • The relationship between educational policy and the teacher profession
  • The Knowledge Promotion Reform 
Research groups


  • «Skolen har jo som mandat å utjevne sosial ulikhet» – lærerpraksis i en utjevningspolitisk kontekst

    Kvaale-Conateh, Lamin Andre, Jobst, Solvejg (2024)
  • Social Equalization in Norwegian School Policy and Teacher Practice

    Kvaale-Conateh, Lamin Andre (2024)
  • Kunnskapsløftet

    Kvaale-Conateh, Lamin Andre, Burner, Tony (2024)
  • Skolevalg

    Kvaale-Conateh, Lamin Andre (2023)
  • Nærskoleprinsippet

    Kvaale-Conateh, Lamin Andre (2023)
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