Lykke Harmony Alara Guanio-Uluru

Field of work

Phd courses and supervision, MA courses and supervision

Literature and ethics, ecocriticism, cultural plant studies, videogame aesthetics, reading research

Courses taught

Literature and ethics, children's and YA literature, cultural plant studies, ecocriticism, game studies

Research areas

  • Literature and ethics, video game aesthetics, plant studies, the posthuman, ecocriticism, game studies, children's and YA literature, climate change fiction, video games, digital apps

Selected publications

  • Analysing Plant Representation in Children’s Literature: The Phyto-Analysis Map

    Guanio-Uluru, Lykke (2021)
  • The Fantasy of Wilderness: Reconfiguring Heroism in the Anthropocene, Facing the Age of Ecocentrism

    Guanio-Uluru, Lykke (2021)
  • Vegetable Violence: The Agency, Personhood and Rhetorical Role of Vegetables in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s The 52-Storey Treehouse

    Guanio-Uluru, Lykke (2021)
  • Introduction: Plants in Children's and Young Adult Literature

    Guanio-Uluru, Lykke, Duckworth, Melanie (2021)
  • Plants in Children’s and Young Adult Literature

    Duckworth, Melanie, Guanio-Uluru, Lykke (2021)