Field of work

Prof. Natalia Mæhle is doing teaching and research on digital innovations, crowdfunding, sustainability, food marketing, and consumer behaviour. Maehle is involved in several large research projects. She led two work packages in the COOLCROWD project ( funded by the Research Council of Norway. The project addresses how crowdfunding can be used to support local climate change mitigation practices. Moreover, Dr. Maehle leads a Norwegian part of a large European research project on sustainable food consumption (SUSCHOICE project, supported by Horizon2020 ERA-NET CoFund SUSFOOD2, and a research project about crowdfunding in the cultural sector (CROWDCUL,

Courses taught

  • Commercialization and Financing of Technology and Innovations
  • Innovation and Responsible Industry Development

Research areas

Digital innovation, sustainability, crowdfunding, food marketing, consumer behaviour

Research groups

Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development


  • Media discourse on sustainable consumption in Germany, Italy, Norway and Romania

    Mæhle, Natalia (2021)
  • Launch of CROWDCUL project

    Mæhle, Natalia, Nordgård, Daniel (2021)
  • Crowdfunding for climate change: Exploring the use of climate frames by environmental entrepreneurs

    Mæhle, Natalia, Otte, Pia, Huijben, Boukje, de Vries, Jorick (2021)
  • COOLCROWD – en veiledning for lokal folkefinansiering av klimatiltak i landbruket

    Otte, Pia, Mæhle, Natalia, Hansen, Sissel, Farstad, Maja, Bjerke Soldal, Olav, Stoknes, Per Espen, Banet, Catherine (2021)
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