Associate Professor

Norbert Lümmen

Field of work

I am a physicist with a diploma degree from Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf/Germany and a doctoral degree in physical chemistry from the University in Cologne/Germany. I started working at the Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering after I had been postdoc at the University of Bergen for four years. Since then, I have been teaching thermodynamics and for some time fluid mechanics as well. I usually supervise two to three groups of bachelorstudents and a masterstudent in energy technology every spring semester. I became study coordinator for energy technology (bachelor) in summer 2015. This is a multi-disciplinary study programme to which all departments at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences contribute. My research interests were originally in the areas of nanotechnology. This has changed towards energy recovery from waste, waste heat recovery, energy efficiency and various methods for the simulation of energy conversion and energy transport processes.

Courses taught

  • Thermodynamics

Research areas

  • Waste heat recovery
  • Energy from waste
  • Simulation of energy systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hydrogen production
  • Numerical simulations of combustion and gasification
  • Stirling-cryocoolers

Research groups

Selected publications