Assistant Professor

Remco Elric de Koning

Courses taught

  • BYG 130 Urban design
  • BYG150 Bachelor assignment

Research areas

  • Space Syntax
  • Urban morphology
  • Function mix
  • Sustainable city development

Research groups


  • A Scientific Approach to the Densification Debate in Bergen Centre in Norway

    de Koning, Remco Elric, Roald, Hans Jacob, van Nes, Akkelies (2020)
  • Assessing Spatial Configurations and Transport Energy Usage for Planning Sustainable Communities

    de Koning, Remco Elric, Tan, Wendy, van Nes, Akkelies (2020)
  • How two divergent ideologies impact the location of functions in relation to spatial integration in arctic settlements

    de Koning, Remco Elric, van Nes, Akkelies (2019)
  • Urban Space and Energy Usage

    de Koning, Remco Elric, van Nes, Akkelies (2019)
  • SPACERGY Space-Energy Patterns for Smart Energy Infrastructures, Community Reciprocities and Related Governance

    Maiullari, Daniela, Romero, Martin Mosteiro, de Koning, Remco Elric, van Timmeren, Arjan, van Nes, Akkelies, Schlueter, Arno (2019)