Associate Professor

Synnøve Nymark Aasen

Courses taught

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Cellbiology
  • Tumorbiology
  • General radiography
  • Pathology

Research areas

  • Brain metastases
  • Cancer

Research groups


  • Current landscape and future perspectives in preclinical MR and PET imaging of brain metastasis

    Aasen, Synnøve Nymark, Espedal, Heidi, Keunen, Olivier, Adamsen, Tom Christian Holm, Bjerkvig, Rolf, Thorsen, Frits (2021)
  • Cabozantinib is effective in melanoma brain metastasis cell lines and affects key signaling pathways

    Mannsåker, Trond Are, Hoang, Tuyen, Aasen, Synnøve Nymark, Bjørnstad, Ole Vidhammer, Parajuli, Himalaya, Sundstrøm, Terje, Thorsen, Frits (2021)
  • Trifluoperazine prolongs the survival of experimental brain metastases by STAT3-dependent lysosome membrane permeabilization.

    Zhang, Xin, Ding, Kaikai, Ji, Jianxiong, Parajuli, Himalaya, Aasen, Synnøve Nymark, Espedal, Heidi, Huang, Bin, Chen, Anjing, Wang, Jian, Li, Xingang, Thorsen, Frits (2020)
  • Therapeutic inhibition of MAPK + PI3K pathways improves the treatment of melanoma brain metastatic cells

    Aasen, Synnøve Nymark (2019)
  • Improved drug delivery to brain metastases by peptide-mediated permeabilization of the blood-brain barrier

    Aasen, Synnøve Nymark, Espedal, Heidi, Holte, Christopher Florian, Keunen, Olivier, Karlsen, Tine Veronica, Tenstad, Olav, Maherally, Zaynah, Miletic, Hrvoje, Hoang, Tuyen, Eikeland, Anne Vaag, Baghirov, Habib, Olberg, Dag Erlend, Pilkington, Geoffrey John, Sarkar, Gobinda, Jenkins, Robert B., Sundstrøm, Terje, Bjerkvig, Rolf, Thorsen, Frits (2019)