Liv Osland

Field of work

Professor in economics. Her research focuses on housing markets,  regional economics, labour markets, residential segregation, integration  and applied spatial econometrics. See  further details below. 

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Information about ongoing projects:

Influx of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian Migrants: Integration and Governance Dynamics in Nordic and Baltic States (INFLUX) NordForsk project  #161678. Project owner: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. PI: Liv Osland. Co-PI: Cathrine Talleraas. CMI. 

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Life at the Frontier: The Impact of Social Frontiers on the Social Mobility and Integration of Migrants, NordForsk # 95193. Project owner: Sheffield University. PI: Gwilym Pryce. Co-PI (Norway): Liv Osland.  

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NordForsk information

A Fair Chance? How Geography Shapes Life Opportunities (FAIR). NFR project: 30528. Project Owner: NOVA OsloMet. PI: Lena Magunsson Turner. WP-leader of "Labor market attainment and moves from rural to urban areas":  Liv Osland. 

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Courses taught
  • Current courses:

  • Microeconomics
  • Housing economics and spatial econometrics
  • Previous courses:  

  • Public economics
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Health economics
  • Managerial economics
Research areas

Her research interests center around housing markets, specifically examining the systematic spatial pattern of housing prices and understanding the interactions between housing and labour markets within regions. A significant focus has been on studying how changes in transportation network influences housing prices. She has studied methods to estimate and assign economic values to non-market goods such as emissions to air and green spaces. More recently, she has delved into the importance of neighbourhoods, especially in view of the influx of immigrants in urban areas, and the growing trend of neighbourhood segregation. Her latest projects have specifically focused on studying the complex issues of segregation, immigrant integration,   labour market dynamics, and evaluating policy efforts aimed at improving residential neighbourhoods and fostering immigrant integration.   

Here is a link to her publications

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