Study rooms in Sogndal and Førde

Below is the procedure and guidelines for reservation of study rooms.

  • Study rooms should be used for group work
  • When booking, you use the “Feide” log in system (same as Studentweb)
  • As a student, you can book study rooms for maximum 2x 4 hours per week Monday – Friday 08:00-20:00. Beyond these hours, there are no restrictions for booking.
  • The reservation must take place no later than one day before use
  • You may book up to 14 days ahead
  • Please pick a room that is suitable to the number of students who need the room
  • If the room is unused within 15 minutes after its reservation, the booking is invalid and others are free to use it
  • Remember to tidy the room before leavin

Please note: The 15 minute rule only applies to students and not bookings done by lectures.

Book a study room!

In Sogndal you will find study rooms in Høgskulebygget, Fossbygget, Stadionbygget, Guridalsbygget and Svingen