Equipment requirements for digital written exams

For exams using the FLOWlock browser (no support material).

What types of computer can be used?

You must have a suitable laptop computer (PC or Mac) on the day of the exam. NB! Chromebooks do not support WISEflow, and tablets are not permitted. It is not possible to use a wireless mouse or keyboard; a wired mouse or keyboard is fine. You must bring your own charger for your PC or Mac. 

You can contact the IT helpdesk and they will help you to check that your computer is working as it should. 

FLOWlock browser

Before the digital written exam, you must have downloaded the FLOWlock browser. This applies to written exams (FLOWlock) and multiple choice exams (FLOWmulti).

Minimum requirements for FLOWlock browser, Windows

  • Windows 10 or later (Note: Windows 10S/11 S Mode cannot be used)
  • Latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

Minimum requirements for FLOWlock browser, Mac

The installation of the lockdown browser is not supported on Linux, Windows 10S/11S Mode and Chromebooks.

How to download FLOWlock

To start the FLOWlock browser from WISEflow for the first time, you need to accept that the FLOWlock browser can launch with an “external protocol”. You can tick that you will always accept this, which means that you will not be asked every time you launch FLOWlock.