Terms of agreement for publication in HVL Open

If you opt in for publication in HVL Open when you submit your bachelor or master thesis in WISEflow, you agree to the terms of agreement below.

I hereby grant HVL the right to archive material in HVL Open without remuneration.

I have familiarized myself with and accept, the following:

Publication of material in HVL Open is regulated by the Norwegian Copyright Act (åndsverksloven). The author retains copyright.

The work can be referenced, linked to, quoted, printed and downloaded in accordance with the terms of Creative Commons under the license Attribution (CC BY 4.0).

Publication in HVL Open makes the material openly accessible on the internet. Other websites can link to the document and users of other websites than HVL Open can access the material to download. Not all journals or publishers accept material that has been published openly online.

If the material has several authors, you are responsible for obtaining permission from the co-authors. If the publisher or co-authors do not permit publication, the material will not be published.

As the author, you guarantee that the document does not contain material that may conflict with current Norwegian law or has links to such material.

Cofidencial work will not be published.

Anonymized work will be published with full names.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences will:

Publish the document as it was delivered, but with the technical adjustments necessary for publication in the archive.

Contact the publisher and, if possible, obtain consent for publication if you have transferred rights to a publisher.

Withdraw the submitted material from the archive or offer an embargo at your request.

HVL cannot use the work for financial purposes

Contact us at hvl-open@hvl.no if necessary.