Academic approval

See how to you get your exchange academic approved.


Apply for pre-approval online with assistance from your academic contact person. This process is described in full on how to apply for exchange.

Adjustments to your study plan abroad

Change of courses abroad

If there are changes to your study plan at the host institution, you must apply for new pre-approval online. If you do not get a new pre-approval, you might not get final approval of the courses when you return home. Please also let HVL know if these changes cause your exchange period to be extended.

Cancellation of exchange

If you need to cancel your exchange stay and return home, it is important that you inform your host institution before notifying your study advisor and academic contact person at HVL.

Failed exams

If you fail any exam while on exchange without taking a re-sit exam arranged by the host institution, you will receive 0 study points for this course upon your return to HVL. In such an event, you will need to take courses at HVL to regain your study progression. Make sure you check with the host institution yourself if they offer a re-sit exam. Note that re-sit exams may take place after your exchange period has ended.

Final approval

Once you return to HVL, final approval of the courses you have taken while studying abroad is given based on your original Transcript of Records from the partner institution and your pre-approval form. The result of your final approval is sent directly to Lånekassen.

Please check the following:

  • Does your transcript correspond with the pre-approved subjects? (including any changes during your stay).
  • Is it stated how many credits / ECTS you have obtained?
  • Is the transcript valid, i.e. stamped and / or signed by the partner institution?

Your Transcript of Records cannot be used for final approval if the above elements are not in place. If you need a new copy, please contact the host institution. If you need a new academic pre-approval at HVL, please use this digital form. If you are unsure whether your Transcript of Records contains the correct information, contact your study advisor.

NB! If you go on exchange during the final semester of your degree, you are not guaranteed to receive a diploma in advance of 1 July, which is the application submission deadline for further studies.

How do you ensure that HVL receives your results?

You are yourself responsible for obtaining a transcript of records or confirmation from your host institution at the end of your stay. If you are doing an internship outside of Erasmus+, and do not receive a transcript of records you must obtain a confirmation that the internship has been completed by the host institution.

Digital transfer of results - EMREX

If you went on exchange to Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands or to some institutions in Denmark and Poland, you may transfer your results electronically to HVL via the EMREX system. The transfer must take place while your student status is still active at the partner institution.

On EMREX's website you can see which institutions are eligible for digital transfer. You will also find a user manual on the website.

How to access your results:

  • Log on to Studentweb and press Resultat at the very top of the menu.
  • Select Import av resultat frå utanlandsk institusjon at the very bottom of the page.
  • Select the relevant country and the institution you studied at.
  • Log in to the Studentweb and follow the instructions to transfer the results via EMREX.
  • Send transcript to HVL digitally.

Send documents to HVL

If you have a Transcript of Records upload it to HVL to apply for final approval of your exchange. In a few cases, your transcript is sent directly from the partner institution to HVL. Still, you are responsible to ensure that HVL actually receive it. Ask your partner institution about their routines and let the executive officer at HVL handling your case know.

If you have been on a traineeship outside Erasmus+ and have not received a transcript or any other documentation confirming the traineeship, you must get a confirmation from the partner institution stating that the traineeship has been completed. Send the confirmation form to the study advisor at your faculty.

The traineeship confirmation form can be found here.

Please note that Erasmus students also need to upload their Confirmation of Stay. See to follow preparations specific for Erasmus students.

Information for study programmes with practical placements

To continue your studies and practice in Norway after your exchange, you may be required to show a negative test for Tuberculosis and MRSA.  Please find more information about medical testing here (Only in Norwegian).