How to apply for exchange

Are you ready for a semester abroad? This page provides information you need to take the first steps towards an exchange semester abroad.

Deadline for internal application 

Application deadline for exchange the following spring semester is 15. September.

Application deadline for exchange the following autumn semester is 1. February.

Who can apply for exchange?

All students who have been admitted to a study program leading to a degree can apply for exchange. This applies for both bachelor, master and PhD students. To make sure that you are qualified for exchange, we recommend you to read the regulations for part-time studies abroad.

How to apply for exchange?

Get advice

Student advisor

Contact the student advisor services for questions about when and where you can go abroad. The student advisors at your faculty knows study progression and when exchange fits in to your study plan.

Overview of student advisors at HVL.

Academic contact person

Your academic contact person can advise you on the academic content of your exchange. Always speak to them to discuss courses before applying for exchange. 

List of academic contact persons at HVL.

Apply using the app HVL Utveksling

You can follow the complete process from application for exchange to the final approval of courses upon your return in the app HVL Utveksling (in Norwegian language only). Download the the app through appstore or Google Play. Log in using your feide account. 

QR til appen HVL Utveksling (iphone og android).jpg

If you encounter problems using the app, contact, preferably with a screenshot of your issues. 

Exchange plan

Your exchange plan consists of pre-approved courses guaranteeing that the subjects you take abroad are approved in your degree when you return home. For PhD students this only applies if you are taking subjects abroad in the training part.

In most cases, pre-approved course packages are available in the app when you apply. You may however also find courses on the partner university's web page and submit them for approval. Your academic contact person can help you with questions you might have regarding choice of courses.

Make sure to have three institutions to your application if available.

Video of how the app looks:

When can I expect an answer to my application at HVL?

You will get an answer on your application within three weeks after the application deadline. You will receive the offer, and be asked to confirm your place, in the app. 

Application to partner institution

When your application to HVL is approved, HVL will send you information about how to apply to the partner institution. You can also follow the progress in the app.

If you have questions or experience problems during the application process, please contact the partner institution directly. All partner institutions have different application processes and deadlines, therefore it is important that you read the information you receive carefully.

When can I expect an answer to my application abroad?

This will vary from institution to institution as it depends on the deadline for application and processing time. You will receive an offer of admission either as a letter of admission or by email from the institution. Remember to answer yes to your offer of admission.

The confirmation letter or letter of admission should be uploaded in the app. 



If you apply for exchange to a European country please read more about the preparations for Erasmus+ here.

Cannot access the app HVL Utveksling?

The most updated information is available in the app, but you may also see what institutions are available to you on your study programme's web pages.