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Study guidance, career guidance and student counselling

We are concerned with promoting health, well-being and professional development for students, and know that sometimes it can be useful to get help to navigate study and student life. On this website you will find information about various counseling and guidance services that you can benefit from. All services are free.

Study counselling at your faculty

Our counsellors can help you with questions about admissions, studies, education plans, exams, and exchange during your studies. You can also get help with fitting in education from other educational institutions, degree attainment and diplomas.

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Student counselling and guidance

It is quite normal to encounter challenges during your studies. You can talk about everything from homesickness, stress, loneliness and worries with us. Study techniques, study mastery and motivation are some of the topics you can also get help with.

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Career guidance

Are you unsure about your choice of study, or do you not know what to do when you finish? Do you want a review of your CV and job application? Get help from a career counsellor!

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Some helpful strategies and tools to cope with being a student

  • Structure your day
  • Work on your curriculum
  • Make a quality playlist on Spotify
  • Call your grandparents, family, and friends

The Student welfare organisation Sammen

It is common to face challenging times during life. At Sammen Health you may receive help and counselling. Counsellors and psychologists can help you with problems relating to your studies, conversations regarding personal problems or treatment of mental health issues. Sammen offers individual counselling, group therapy and a variety of courses.

Check out Sammen Health.

Need immediate help?

Call 113 for emergency health care. Call emergency services on 116 117 if your GP is not available and help cannot wait.