Student counselling for the Faculty of Engineering and Science

Our student counselling service can help you when it comes to questions about admission, your studies, individual education plans, exams, exchange programmes and various other types of guidance you may need while you are studying with us.

You can also find help with transferring any courses you have taken at other academic institutions, including grades and certificates you have already achieved.

Access student counselling on your campus

Campus Bergen

We are here for you! Student counsellors are available for conversations by appointment or drop-in.

Book a time for counselling

Get in touch via email if you have questions regarding your individual education plan, exams, subject choices and StudentWeb. Our skilled student counsellors and staff members in the practice administration can resolve a number of things via email.

Get a speedy response by emailing

You can book an appointment at the following times:

  • Monday, 12:00–14:00 (drop-in)
  • Tuesday, 12:00–14:00
  • Wednesday, 12:00–14:00
  • Thursday, 12:00–14:00 (drop-in, exchange students)

Student counsellors can help you with:

  • Special study adaptation
  • Leave of absence
  • Regulations
  • Specific recognition of courses from other educational institutions
  • Administrative updating of your individual education plan (e.g. obtaining courses outside your individual education plan, clearing your individual education plan, changing year groups or taking leave)
  • Information about masters programmes in the faculty
  • Exchange programmes

What’s more, every study programme in the faculty has a department study coordinator who can help you with subject-related questions.

Student counselling in K2, Bergen

There can be times when you need adaptation or a break from your studies. Perhaps you want to ask about course accreditation from another institution, or you want to study abroad? We can give advice and counselling for such situations. We are here for you!

At K2 student counselling, you’ll find:

  • Student counsellors from your faculty
  • Learning environment and learning support unit
  • Admission and recruitment
  • Student Ombudsman
  • Representatives from HVL student democracy

We are here for you! 

+47 55 58 56 00
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Campus Haugesund

Engineer training and master in fire safety: Rune Hjelmeseter 

Campus Førde

Engineer training: Hans Jakob Reite

Campus Sogndal

Student counselling in Sogndal