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Duke University

Duke University is one of the leading universities in the United States and is located in Durham in North Carolina. Duke University ranks high on the list of the world’s best universities. The university has about 13,000 students. Duke University has a large campus with several older buildings and is located in quiet surroundings in Duke Forest. The area includes a zoo and an arboretum, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which attracts 300,000 visitors each year. The university has good library facilities.

Durham’s unique neighbourhoods and thriving businesses combine the charm of a small town, excellent restaurants and lively artist community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The city is diverse, dynamic and great place to live. Durham has always been and will continue to be a centre for creative entrepreneurship, where diversity and passion come together.

Practical preparations

Duke University has strict requirements for vaccinations and a certificate of conduct. Students travelling to Duke will receive more information about this as the date approaches, but it may be useful to know that a fair amount of documentation will be needed prior to a student exchange at Duke University.


Classes will be held in English. Check with the partner institution to find out what documentation is required.

If you must prove your language skills upon admission, you may take a language test, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS. You should sign up for these tests as soon as possible in the application process, as these spots are quickly filled.

If your mark in English from upper secondary school is 4 or higher, you can use your transcript of records as a confirmation of language skills. The transcript can be in Norwegian.


You will receive the same financial support from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway as for studies in Norway, in addition to a travel grant. You must pay a semester fee to HVL in order to receive a loan and grant from the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway during the exchange period.

Exchange students are not normally expected to pay tuition fees at Duke University.

Course approval

In order to apply for a student exchange programme, your application must first be approved by the study programme of your faculty. An approved application means that you have been given an academic pre-approval for the course or traineeship you will be doing abroad. The academic pre-approval specifies what you will be doing while you are on an exchange programme and confirms these activities will be fully approved as part of your education plan at HVL.

What can I study?

Master of Physiotherapy

If you are taking MA-FYS, it is possible to do an exchange programme at Duke University for a shorter stay. Contact the academic contact person for more information.

PhD Programme in Health, Function and Participation

Students who have been admitted to the PhD programme in Health, Function and Participation may do a research stay at this institution for up to one semester. Speak with your advisor and PhD coordinator to find out when it would be best to do the exchange.

Master in Healthy Ageing and Rehabilitation

You may do an exchange programme in the 3rd or 4th semester Contact the academic contact person for more information.