National resources for learning environment work

You can find national resources for working with universal design and inclusive learning environments here.

Skills network for student success in higher education

Did you know that HVL is part of a skills network for student success in higher education? This is a national network for higher education employees – to improve achievements and results, and reduce dropouts. The network works with competence building by sharing experiences and knowledge with employees in the higher education section who work to ensure student success!

Read more about this network here (in norwegian)

Øystein Backelin is HVL’s resource person in the network.

Universal Design

Universal design is the main strategy for an inclusive learning environment. Universities and colleges must ensure that their general functions are universally designed.

The requirement for universal design covers the institution’s physical environment, information and communications technology (IT) and the digital learning environment. Universal design states that environments must be designed in such a way that they can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible without special adaptation.

Universell is a national driving force in higher education, and works for collaboration and knowledge about learning environments, universal design and inclusive solutions in higher education. You can find some useful resources about universal design, adaptation and learning environment work here.

Useful links on universal design:

Student health and welfare investigation

This investigation surveys the prerequisites and framework conditions for student learning. The main aim is to shed light on psychosocial conditions and how these affect studies and everyday life. You can find more information at (in norwegian).