Copying and Learning Materials Fee

The board at HVL has determined that the copying and learning materials fee shall be NOK 200 per student and will be collected together with the semester fee. In the Regulations relating to studies and examinations at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, this fee is mentioned in Section 4.6, Semester fees and other student fees. The main rule is that all students must pay a semester fee and a copying and learning materials fee each semester within the set deadline.

What is the copying and learning materials fee?

Each semester, Kopinor requires a fee to be paid which allows students and employees to copy from books and other copyrighted materials. “The principle of the copyright holder’s exclusive right to their work ensures a return for their efforts. When authors and other licensees receive remuneration, innovation can flourish” ( Kopinor’s fee is not about the purchase of syllabi and text books, but about remuneration for copyright, in the same way that TONO collects money for music played in public contexts.

Universities and colleges have their own agreement with Kopinor, and each year all institutions pay Kopinor a certain amount per student (full-time equivalent) and per employee.

There is no connection between this copying and learning materials fee and your personal HVL printing account.