Events and exhibitions

The library is also an arena for communicating your research.

Presenting your research

Did you recently publish an article that you would like to share with your colleagues, students and even a broader public? The library is the place to do it! Also, we regularly host book launches. Presentations of research and development projects or artistic research are equally welcome. 

All of our campus libraries have their own forums for research communication. Please contact your campus library if you would like to present your work to a broader audience. Examples of future and past events can be found at our Norwegian site.


All of our campus libraries have regular exhibitions connected to events and happenings at HVL or in our surroundings. We also strive to present the latest publications of our staff. Please notify us if you have recently published something that you would like us to put on display. 


Digital Learning Resources is an archive where you can store and share your teaching materials (PowerPoint files, films etc.), so that others may benefit from them.