HVL's Open Access policy

HVL's Open Access policy was approved by rector on 23.01.2020, with changes approved on 30.11.2023. The latest revision includes a rights policy that allows HVL to self-archive the Accepted Manuscript (AAM) version of journal articles published without Open Access without embargo and with a Creative Commons CC BY licence. The rights policy applies to manuscripts submitted 01.01.2024 and later.

HVL wants its research output to be published with high visibility, so that the publications are read, discussed, and used by as many people as possible.

  1. The researchers have academic freedom and determine their channel of publication themselves.
  2. The library and the faculties have separate responsibilities:
    • The library is given the responsibility of informing and facilitating, and for rights clearance before publishing in the institutional archive HVL Open. The rights clearance includes checking the publisher’s guidelines for self-archiving, and which version of the document can be archived in HVL Open (see also 3.3). The library is also responsible for the administration of the HVL Open Access fund.
    • The faculties have a responsibility to make their employees familiar with the guidelines, so that they publish in accordance with them.
  3. All peer-reviewed journal articles crediting HVL, are to be archived in HVL Open.
    • Researchers should check for the possibility of publishing their articles in pure Open Access journals.
    • When a researcher considers two journals to be academically equivalent, one of them being a pure OA journal, the OA journal should be chosen.
    • If several subscription journals are found to be of equal quality, the one with the best policies for self-archiving (i.e. with no embargo) should be chosen.
    • When an author (employee or student) has published an article, a version of this article is to be uploaded into the institutional archive, at present HVL Open. This should be done at the time of publication.
      • If the article is published in a subscription journal without Open Access, a manuscript version of the article should be uploaded.
        The deposited manuscript will be published after licensing. Articles that are published with open access with a Creative Commons licence, will be made available with that licence. For articles without Open Access, the Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) will be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution licence – CC BY.
        Authors have the right to make reservation against this, if needed.
        Rector is responsible for interpreting the policy and resolving any conflicts pertaining to the use and interpretation of the policy.
        HVL notifies academic publishers that its employees and students hereby allow HVL to make their research output available online under the licence CC BY, provided no reservations have been made.
      • If an accepted manuscript or publication with another Open Access licence is available from other sources, it can be deposited by HVL’s OA team in the institutional archive.
    • All peer-reviewed journal articles with an HVL affiliation should be deposited in HVL Open, no later than by the time of publication.
  4. PhD candidates writing an article-based thesis, should make these available in HVL Open no later than two years after their defence.
  5. Employees, PhD candidates writing monographs, and students are encouraged to make their scientific books, chapters, monographs, and student theses – bachelor theses marked A or B and any master theses – available in HVL Open.