Research data

Research data is data generated through research, for instance from experiments, simulations, fieldwork or interviews.

Open Data 

HVL's new Open Data Policy came into force on 1 May 2022. Read more about its main principles below.

Open Data Policy

The main principles of HVL's Open Data Policy are the following:

  • All research data should be made openly accessible, in accordance with the Norwegian National Strategy on Access to and Sharing of Research Data and HVL's Strategy.  Juridical, ethical, commercial or other circumstances may open up for exceptions to this rule, which must be accounted for in the research project's data management plan.
  • The principal investigator must compile a data management plan at an early stage of the project, preferably within three months after the project start. The plan must be revised during the project period if necessary. The plan must specify how data will be managed for posterity, and researchers are expected to develop an awareness about data management, also in cases when data are not considered to have relevance for posterity, the erasion of research data included. 

Finding research data

If you are interested in finding research data within your field of study, has the largest global overview of research data archives. Here you can find both subject-specific and general research data archives for all academic disciplines. You can apply filters and search the various archives by field, country, data type, data format and access level.

In addition, there are also research data archives and sources of research data in Norway within various disciplines. Go to the resources list for some selected sources.

Safe storage of personal data

Projects that fall under the Health Research Act or the Personal Data Act must comply with HVL's guidelines for storing personal data. You will find information about this in Vestibylen (for employees, and only in Norwegian)

Data management plans

The intention of the data management plan (DMP) is to make clear which types of data that are to be collected, how they will be registered and described, how they will be accessed and by whom, and whether they will be archived and made available for reuse. The DMP is a dynamic document, and may be updated later in the process.

Many funders demand a DMP before funding a research project. You can find examples of DMPs at UiT's web pages.

Publishing research data

Access to research data may contribute to a better understanding of the published findings, and to their reproducibility. Data that are shared openly may also come to use in further research, perhaps in new ways and other areas than originally intended.

Reusing data may also save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on collecting new data.

Articles with openly available research data seem to have a significant citation advantage.

Researchers at HVL may publish their research data in the HVL Open Research Data archive. The archive is part of, hosted by UiT. In order to prepare your data for archiving, you should follow the deposit guidelines for

The archive follows the FAIR principles, attempting to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.

Please contact us for guidance on how to prepare data for publishing.


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Questions about research data management?

Kjetil Sletteland will answer all your questions regarding storage, curating and publication of research data.