Research data

What is research data?

Research data is data generated through research, and which lays the foundation for the analyses and results on which scientific publications are built.

Research data is often generated from experiments, simulations, fieldwork or interviews depending on the method and field.

The benefits of open access to research data include the results being verifiable and that other researchers can make use of high-quality research data. Research data may even be useful to someone in completely different ways to that originally intended.

Making research data openly available enables anyone to acquire a deeper insight into the published results. At the same time, you could save time and effort if others have already made available data that you can reuse for your research purposes.

Finding research data

If you are interested in finding research data within your field of study, has the largest global overview of research data archives. Here you can find both subject-specific and general research data archives for all academic disciplines. You can apply filters and search the various archives by field, country, data type, data format and access level.

In addition, there are also research data archives and sources of research data in Norway within various disciplines. Go to the resources list for some selected sources.

Archiving research data

Researchers at HVL are able to publish research data in the HVL Open Research Data archive. Please contact us for guidance on how to prepare data for publishing.

Safe storage of personal data

Projects that fall under the Health Research Act or the Personal Data Act must comply with HVL's guidelines for storing personal data. You will find information about this in Vestibylen (for employees, and only in Norwegian)

Questions about research data management?

Sondre Strandskog Arnesen will answer all your questions regarding storege, curating and publication of research data.