Using images

Short excerpts of music, radio and TV fall in under normal citation rules. However, figures, photos and other pieces of art must normally be rendered in full. This means that you will need to obtain permission from the copyright owner.

The condition for reusing an image is that the use "serves your own text", as formulated by the Norwegian Copyright Act (skjer i tilslutning til teksten, only available in Norwegian). This excludes, moreover, the use of images made by others (photographies, art work) as decoration or a cover photo – this will not be a case that "serves your own text". 

Image Quest

HVL has access to the image database Image Quest, where all photos have been cleared for use and can be used in student essays. Remember that you will still need to reference the image. Every photo in Image Quest has information concerning the source and a premade reference in several citation styles, including APA.

If you would like to save the images without downloading them, you can do this by creating an account in Image Quest. Its Quick tour will guide you through the database. 

Other image sources

You can find more images that are cleared for use in Creative Commons Search, or you can search in Google for images marked “Labeled for reuse”.