Lars Coenen is among the world's most cited researchers again in 2022

For the third year in a row, Professor Lars Coenen is on the list of the world’s most cited researchers.

Coenen is internationally recognized for his work with sustainable transitions in society.

His research lies at the intersection between innovation, regional development and sustainability.

In particular, he as researched the importance of regional conditions for green transitions, and how the industry can adapt.

Hoping for greater acknowledgment among decision makers

- I am honored and happy that my research is recognized by my academic colleagues.

- I hope, however, that decision makers see the importance of scientific knowledge, across all disciplines, and that there will be greater acknowledgment among them. This will make them better equipped to handle the current climate crisis, he says.

Coenen is one of 26 Norwegian researchers who is on the list this year.

Coenen is a professor in innovation and sustainable change and is part of a larger research group at the Mohn Center. He is also involved in the cross faculty doctoral program in responsible innovation and regional development at HVL.