A European PRImary care Multi-prOfessional Researcher network (PRIMORE)

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences,

Project period

August 2018 - December 2021

Funding sources


Total budget

825000 NOK

Project summary

The objective of this proposed project is to strengthen the synergy between
and the internationalization of Norwegian research in care services and
in primary care. We hence set out to establish a researcher network in
Europe (PRIMORE) with the aim to create opportunities for care services
researchers and primary care researchers from different disciplines, sectors
and countries to develop and share knowledge for the benefit of care
services' research and primary care research and, eventually, the quality
of the services in Europe. Insufficient coordination is a major cause for
lack of responsiveness and poor efficiency of health systems. A strategy
of Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) may be part of the answer,
with a focus on integration of care and the enhancement of coordinationamong primary care services. This strategy can further facilitate coordination
between primary care and other levels and types of services, and alignment
of delivery and organization of primary care to meet the needs of local
communities. This network will contribute to improve the evidence for COPC.