Physiotherapy and Refugees Education Project

Project owner

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Project categories

Applied Research

Developmental Project

Project period

September 2018 - August 2021

Project summary

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The project is divided into four parts

1) European consensus
The aim of the first part of the project is to come to consensus on the knowledge need for phsyiotherapists working with refugees in Europe. A consens process will be performed based on knowledge we get from a scoping review and interviews with refugees, physiotherapists and decission makers in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

2) Curriculum
From the consesus, a curriculum will be made. The curriculum will be open available. 

3) Production of e-course
based on the curriculum, an e-course will be made (5 ECTS). Target groups for the course are physiotherapists working in clinical practise and physitherapists taking a masters degree. The course will be made open available. 

4) Pilot and revision of the course
During spring 2021 a pilot of the course will be held. Evaluations of the course will be used to revise the course.