Norwegian Kindergarten research conference 2022 will be arranged in Bergen 26- 28th of October.

Main topic for the conference will be leadership in a kindergarten context.

In the last decade, there's been increasing attention to leadership as an important aspect of kindergarten institutions. Strengthening leadership competence is a central tool to secure quality in kindergarten. Research regarding various aspects of kindergarten leadership is also in growth. Therefore, the Norwegian Kindergarten Research Conference 2022 has leadership in the kindergarten context as the central theme. 

The conference will build on a broad approach to studies of leadership practices, leadership in general and the framework for leadership & development in the kindergarten organisation. We invite a broad spectre of contributions with different theoretical and empirical focuses and methodological approaches. 

Relevant themes will include policy and political-administrative management targeting organisation and leadership in kindergarten, kindergarten as a learning organisation, development leadership, and cooperation on profession-development, moral and ethical aspects of kindergarten management, pedological leadership, knowledgebase leadership, formal roles, rational and distributed leadership, work distribution and professionalization, and leadership & kindergarten quality.  

Important deadlines

Abstract submission deadline: 20. June 2022

Feedback to be received within 1.Juli 2022 for abstracts submitted before the 1st of June 2022.

Feedback is to be received within 20. August 2022 for abstracts submitted between the 1st and 20th of June 2022.

Registration deadline: 1st of September.




Sign up for the conference here:

Invoice & Group registration:

The standard price for attendees is 2800kr and includes the fine dining at Fløyen restaurant on the 27th of October. The student fee is 900kr and does not include the visit to Fløyen folkerestaurant.


The conference has, in cooperation with Thon Hotel Orion, reserved 75 rooms for participants during the conference. The price is 1195kr each night, each guest must pay upfront at the hotel.


Temporary program

Wednesday 26. october – Kronstad (K1 og K2)

11:00: Registration and coffee  (K1)

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Opening – Welcoming– Program and conference presentation (K1)

14:00: Keynote: Professor Arjen Wals

15:00: Paper presentation 1 og rundebord  (K1 og K2)

17:00: Paper presentation 2

18:00 end of day one.

Thursday 27. october Kronstad (K1 og K2)

09:00 Keynote: Johanna Heikka   (K1)

10:00 Paper presentation 3 og rundebord (K1 og K2)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Keynote: Carl Cato Wadel  (K1)

14:00 Paper presentation 4 og rundebord  (K1 og K2)

16:00 Parallell symposium

18:00 End of day two

20:00 Conferance dinner  (Fløyen Folkerestaurant)

Friday 28. october, Kronstad (K1 og K2)

09:00 Keynote: Kari Ludvigsen  (K1)

10:00 Paper presentation 5 og rundebord (K1 og K2)

12:00 end of day and summarization  (K1)

12:30 Lunch 


The conference invites presentations and papers covering the the main topic such as its mentioned on the website. Other relevant contributions can be about (not limited to): 

  • Studies on leadership education
  • Methods for leadership research in kindergarden
  • Management perspective on kindergardens 
  • Knowledgebased leadership, developing competence and leadership from learning
  • Pedagological leadership
  • Counceling as a leadership practice
  • Organizational psychological perspective on leadership
  • Distributed leadership in kindergarten context
  • Self-management in kindergarten
  • Quality management (The term quality in kindergarten)
  • Leadership practices and new leader-roles in kindergartens
  • Kindergarten in a organizational perspective 
  • Team management
  • Moral and ethical aspects of kindergarten leadership 
  • Systematic leadership
  • Leadership and sustainability
  • external kindergarten leadership
  • Children play and learn in kindergarten leadership

please note that the subtopics are broad examples which do not exclude other topics or approaches 

Forms of presentations 2022

Oral presentations consist of an oral presentation with the following discussion and Q&A session from the room. Presentations are limited to twenty minutes. Presentations will be divided into parallel sessions. Each session has a leader which introduces each presentation, manages time usage and organizes the Q&A. Those unfamiliar with oral presentations at conferences can find tips here: Søk & Skriv sine nettsider om formidling. 

Round table discussion:

Round table discussion you present a brief summary of your project in front of an audience  og at mesteparten av tiden benyttes til diskusjon av prosjektet.The discussions are divided into parallel sessions. each session has a leader which organizes the Q&A, manages the time usage of those having presentations and the Q&A


Symposiums are self-organized and held by those who have submitted their symposium to the conference. Each symposium has a frame of 60 minutes.

When registering abstracts, you mark 1 for oral presentation, 2 for round table discussion and 3 for the symposium. 


There's no set up any poster presentations however participants that wants to have a poster presentation can contact the conference committee 


Professor Arjen Wals

Arjen_Wals_testimonial (1).jpeg

Arjen Wals is a Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He also holds the UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development and is a Visiting Professor at Norwegian Life Science University in Ås where he supports the development of Whole Schools Approaches & Sustainability. From January 2022 he is also Professor II at BARNkunne.

His recent work focusses on transformative social learning in vital coalitions of multiple stakeholders at the interface of science and society. His teaching and research focus on designing learning processes and learning spaces that enable people to contribute meaningfully sustainability.

Johanna Heikka

Johanna Heikka, PhD, works as a University lecturer at the School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research interests focus on leadership, quality, and pedagogical development in early childhood education. Her recent publications focus mainly on distributed pedagogical leadership and teacher leadership as well as pedagogy in early childhood education. Johanna is Adjunct Professor in leadership in early childhood education at University of Oulu since 2020. She is a leader of the leadership development projects and research groups in Finland and internationally. Johanna is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Early Childhood Education Research (JECER) and the leader of the International Leadership Research Forum (ILRF). In her blog, Johanna brings together the latest research on distributed pedagogical leadership and suggest that leadership should be argued more clearly in steering documents at national level in Finland.

Carl Cato Wadel

Carl Cato Wadel, Dr.philos, er førsteamanuensis i samfunnsfag ved Institutt for barnehagelærerutdanning ved Universitetet i Stavanger. Wadel har graden dr. philos fra Universitetet i Bergen. Forskningsinteresser er ledelse, medarbeidersamhandling, organisasjonskultur og organisasjonsendring.

Wadel har publisert flere vitenskapelige artikler: Wadel, Carl Cato & Knaben, Åse Dagmar (2019). Pendling mellom utdanning og arbeid. Hvordan former barnehagelærerutdanningen deltidsstudenter som yrkesutøvere? Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift 103 (02-03), s. 96-107. Wadel, Carl Cato (2021) Samlederskap i barnehagen. Erfaringer med delt lederskap mellom likestilte pedagogiske ledere. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 38 (1), s. 59–73. Wadel, Carl Cato & Knaben, Åse Dagmar (2021). Barnehagen – en lærende organisasjon? Styreres forståelser av en lærende organisasjon og kjennetegn ved en lærende barnehage. Norsk pedagogisk tidsskrift 105 (4), s. 397-408.

Kari Ludvigsen

Dr.polit Kari Ludvigsen er statsviter og professor ved Institutt for pedagogikk, religion og samfunnsfag, Høgskulen på Vestlandet, og professor II ved Institutt for barnehagelærerutdanning, OsloMet. Ludvigsen har en langvarig interesse for forsking om forholdet mellom profesjonalisering, politikk, styring og tjenesteorganisering i velferdsstaten, og har særlig vært opptatt av politikk, ekspertise og tjenester rettet mot barn og unge. Hun har de seinere årene studert implementering av reformer i utdanningssektoren, og styring, politikk og ledelse i barnehagesektoren. Ludvigsen forsker på barnehageledelse i tilknytning til BARNkunne, og bidrar til prosjektet Evaluering av implementering av rammeplan for barnehagene.

Ludvigsen underviser og veileder om politikk og styring, ledelse og organisering, profesjon og profesjonalisering i barnehagelærerutdanningen, grunnskolelærerutdanningen og PhD i danning og didaktiske praksiser ved HVL.