Cancer and Quality of Life

More than 30,000 Norwegians are diagnosed with cancer every year. The number of cancer cases is increasing and will continue to increase until 2025.

The main causes are increased life expectancy and a larger population. Cancer occurs more frequently among men than among women. Many people live with cancer for a long period of time, and many live with late effects after they have been treated.

The research group is, among other things, researching how cancer disease and treatment, functional impairment or various symptoms are linked to and affect health and quality of life. In recent years, quality of life has become a recognized endpoint in treatment of various illnesses and conditions, and general and diagnosis-specific questionnaires have gradually been developed. They allow patients to report their quality of life, health and joy of life themselves.
Through our projects, we want to investigate issues related to quality of life and other health-related aspects of cancer patients or other patient groups of different ages and with different diagnoses.

Knowledge gained in our research helps to ensure that care and rehabilitation can be understood and adapted to the specific needs of different patients and age groups.

The group uses both qualitative and quantitative methods in the research approach to different patient groups and problem areas.

Research group leader

bilde av Jorunn Drageset

Jorunn Drageset