The research group focuses on questions related to geographic and spatial data.

Geomatics comprises data collection, storage, distribution, analysis, communication, and visualization of spatial data.

Some disciplines associated with geomatics include surveying, geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and cartography.

Geomatics is cross disciplinary and is linked to several of the profile areas at Faculty of Engineering and Science: “Sustainable City and Societies”, “Energy, Nature and Environment”, “ICT and Computer Science” and “Ocean Technology”.

Head of Research Group

bilde av Trond Nordvik

Trond Nordvik

Associate Professor

Selected publications

Scheiber, Thomas; Hilger, Paula; Henriksen, Helge; Samnøy, Stig Frode; Nordvik, Trond; Helland-Hansen, Isak; Dietze, Michael; Kristensen, Lene.
Extensive instrumentation of an unstable slope – monitoring active deformation of a rock column and scree deposits at Stampa (Aurland). Vinterkonferanse 2021; 2021-01-06 - 2021-01-08 HVL

Nysæter, Helge; Leiknes, Arve; Mjøs, Leiv Bjarte.
Status of Coordinates in Norwegian Cadastre. FIG Working Week 2019; 2019-04-21 - 2019-04-26, HVL

Nysæter, Helge.
Formålet med koordinater på grensepunkt i Norge. Kart og plan 2018 ;Volum 78.(4) s. 321-336, HVL

Samnøy, Stig Frode; Greve, Gottfried; Lysaker, Kirsti; Larsen, Terje H.
Visualization and Quantification of Regional Ventricular Wall and Blood Velocities by 3T 4D PC-MRI. Journal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance 2016 ;Volum 18. Suppl. 1 s. 349-HVL UiB