ICT security and reliability

The main focus of this group is ICT security and reliability.

Our research is in the fields of cryptography, error-correcting codes, communication channels, software security, quantum information and quantum control. The aim of our research is to improve communications, by increasing the efficiency of the methods which are used to protect data, both from malicious intruders, and from corruption due to noise.

We have projects in both theoretical cryptography, as for instance in the use of (generalized) Boolean functions with good cryptographical properties, and in applied cryptography and software security, as for instance security in smart/IoT and cooperating software systems, improving static application security testing tools, network infrastructures, event-driven online banking architecture, and secure sharing of sensitive health data, as well as a blockchain solution for electronic health care records system.

We also work with methods for efficient decoding of certain type of error-correcting codes based on belief propagation, and sequences with good properties for their use in communications (OFDM transmissions). In addition, we are interested in quantum communications, more specifically in a theoretical description of probabilistic quantum computer models, based on quantum probability and special effects that take place in quantum systems, its applications in random walk and belief loop propagation algorithms.