Single courses: Health, function and participation

Courses given by the ph.d. programme og Health, function and participation are primarily reserved for the ph.d. students at the programme, but other participants may also apply.

Apply for courses


Courses may be held in English if it is required by a participant.

Application deadlines

For application deadlines please see the overview provided for courses during the coming term.

Admission requirements

  • Completed Master’s degree (120 ECTS) or equivalent education.
  • The Master’s degree should be from a relevant scientific field, with strong results (normally A or B).

Ranking applications

When the number of applicants for PhD courses exceeds the admission capacity, the following criteria for ranking applicants will be used:

  1. PhD candidates in the PhD programme
  2. PhD candidates participating in other PhD programs at HVL
  3. PhD candidates participating in the research school Muni-Health-Care
  4. PhD candidates participating in other PhD programs nationally and internationally
  5. HVL employees on track for qualifying to senior lecturer positions
  6. HVL employees with a relevant Master’s degree
  7. Other applicants with a relevant Master’s degree

Requirement for documentation

In order for your application to be processed, you must upload the necessary documentation.

The following documentation is needed:

  • A short letter describing you motivation to participate.
  • PhD candidates at HVL or another institution must attach relevant documentation.
  • Employees at HVL who participate in a scholarship scheme for qualification to senior positions, must attach relevant documentation.
  • Employees at HVL with a relevant master, must attach documentation of employment and diploma.
  • All other applicants must provide documentation of their Master’s degree diploma

Note that you must upload all documentation even if you have applied to HVL previously.

You are responsible for ensuring that we have the correct documentation for your application. You may be asked to present original documentation both during the admission process and during the study. Incorrect or misleading information may cause you to lose your right to complete your education.

Reply to application

You will receive a response to the application as soon as it is processed after the application deadline.

Upon receiving an offer of participation

You must first confirm that you wish to participate using the information sent to you. When the deadline for answering is out, you will receive a message from HVL and must then complete your registration to the course and examination as instructed. You will then be given access to course material online, using Canvas.